Software for Plan 9

This page lists major software packages that have been written for or ported to Plan 9. Additional user-contributed software is hosted on the Plan 9 file server, in the directory /n/sources/contrib/


A Windows port of Sam and other second edition Plan 9 tools. (2.5 MB)

CVS 1.11.1p1

CVS 1.11.1p1, compiled (appropriately) out of CVS repository, ported to Plan 9. (2.1MB)


Graphviz for Plan 9. (1.6MB)

GCC for Plan 9

GCC, ported to Plan 9. There are three archives: binaries, APE sources, and GNU sources.

Perl 5.8.0

Perl 5.8.0, ported to Plan 9. (14MB)


The PQ database program. (0.04MB)

Python 2.2+

Python version post-2.2, compiled out of CVS, ported to Plan 9. (4.9MB)

Sun Sources

Second edition Plan 9 sources for Sun workstations. Useful for someone energetic enough to update the Sparc kernels to the fourth edition. (1.0MB)

Charles Forsyth’s port of the second edition to the LX/Classic is here. (0.04MB)

TeX, Web2C v7.2

The TeX and LaTeX document formatting systems, ported to Plan 9. (39MB)


You really don’t want to use this. It’s old and slow and only works well on 8-bit displays.

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