Unix Seventh Edition Manual

This page points to the source for the documents that came with the Seventh Edition release of the Unix operating system from (then) Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. The files are those that were shipped on the distribution tapes.

The printed version came in three volumes: 1, 2A, 2B. Volume one has the traditional "man pages" describing commands, system calls, etc. Volumes 2 contained papers describing various parts of the system in more detail. Besides the version shipped with the distribution, the manuals were later reprinted by Saunders College Publishing; doubtless this edition is out of print.

Thanks to the efforts of Brian S. Walden and then Aharon Robbins, PDF and PostScript renditions are available. The PDF is readily searchable and printable if you have an Adobe Acrobat reader.

For those who prefer the original bits, the manual sections referenced below need to be formatted with troff, using the -man macros (a copy of which is here, as tmac.an). The papers are generally formatted with the -ms macros (tmac.s). The other tmac files are included by tmac.s.

References are included by using the refer program, which almost no one has any more. However, the database of references is included (Rv7man) in case someone wants to look up a reference by hand.

CAUTION: The source material here is not formatted for HTML and is not readily viewed over the web unless you like to read troff. The files that end with ".bun" are shell bundles of documents that were in several separate files.

All of this material was copyrighted in 1979 by Bell Telephone Laboratories, Incorporated. Currently the copyright is held jointly by Lucent Technologies Inc. and AT&T Corporation. All rights reserved.

Volume 1

vol1/man0.bun - introduction
vol1/man1.bun - commands
vol1/man2.bun - system calls
vol1/man3.bun - libraries
vol1/man4.bun - devices
vol1/man5.bun - file formats
vol1/man6.bun - games
vol1/man7.bun - macros and language conventions
vol1/man8.bun - administration

Volumes 2A and 2B

vol2/assembler - assembler syntax (PDP-11)
vol2/awk - awk language
vol2/bc - desk calculator (infix)
vol2/cman - explains why C manual is missing
vol2/dc - desk calculator (postfix)
vol2/f77 - Fortran 77
vol2/implement - implementation of system
vol2/index - the index
vol2/iosys - workings of IO system
vol2/lex - lexical analyzer generator
vol2/lint - program checker
vol2/m4 - macro processor
vol2/make - directing program compilation
vol2/password - the password scheme
vol2/regen - regenerating system software
vol2/run - commands for formatting the manual
vol2/security - general security discussion
vol2/sed - stream editor
vol2/setup - directions for installing the system
vol2/tbl - table formatter
vol2/adb.bun - debugger
vol2/adv.ed.bun - advanced editing with ed
vol2/beginners.bun - tutorial
vol2/cacm.bun - Original CACM paper on Unix
vol2/ctour.bun - Tour of the PDP-11 C compiler
vol2/edtut.bun - ed tutorial
vol2/eqn.bun - mathematical typesetting
vol2/learn.bun - interpreter for generating teaching scripts
vol2/msmacros.bun - the troff -ms macros
vol2/porttour.bun - tour of Johnson's portable C compiler
vol2/ratfor.bun - ratfor language
vol2/refer.bun - reference generator for papers
vol2/shell.bun - the command interpreter
vol2/summary.bun - what's new in the seventh edition
vol2/troff.bun - text formatter
vol2/trofftut.bun - tutorial for troff
vol2/uprog.bun - technique for unix programming
vol2/uucp.bun - sending files and mail between machines
vol2/yacc.bun - parser generator

Macros and References